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What is Geothermal Heating?

Geo Thermal Heating Systems | Air Comfort

Geothermal systems are the greenest and most efficient heating & cooling systems available. It calls upon the constant temperature beneath the earth’s surface to transfer heat to and from your property. The benefits of this system are that you utilize an everlasting heat source that is totally green. No fossil fuels need to be burned, and the pump transfers the heat from the ground to your home.

At Air Comfort, Inc, we offer HVAC services for both commercial and residential customers throughout Idaho.  Our service area covers Nampa, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian and Eagle.

Geothermal System Installation

We can handle any geothermal system installation you have in mind. Regardless of the size of the task, our team is experienced enough to tackle it with 100% certainty.

If you’re looking for a greener source of energy in your home, then we provide residential installation services for property owners in and around Idaho. Our expertise allows us to install your new system with minimum disruptions, allowing you to carry on with your life at home.

Similarly, we can fit geothermal systems for commercial clients as well. If your business wants to reduce its carbon footprint and increase its eco-friendliness, then this is a fantastic solution for you.

Geothermal System Repair

If your system suffers any issues or gets damaged in any way, then our team will be on-hand to help fix it. Even if you have a geothermal system installed by someone other than us, our team is still more than capable of diagnosing the issue and providing long-lasting repairs.

Signs Your System Needs Repair

Through our experience, we’ve identified a few common signs that your geothermal HVAC system needs to be repaired. This includes the following:

  • A reduction in heating & cooling capabilities
  • Strange rattling or grinding sounds coming from the pump
  • A burning smell that originates from the pump
  • An increase in your energy bills
  • Physical signs of damage to the pump

If you spot any of these signs, call us right away, and we will come along and help repair your geothermal system for you.

Geothermal System Maintenance

A significant advantage of geothermal systems is that they require low-maintenance. However, it’s essential that one of our qualified engineers carries out regular checks once per year.

We will send someone to look at your system and ensure that everything is running how it should. These systems rely on coolant running through lots of tubes to help transfer heat and control the temperature of your home. As such, we ensure that there are no leaks and that the coolant is at the ideal level.

We also make sure the system is working efficiently and that you see the benefits from it.

With our maintenance, we keep your geothermal system in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Therefore, we strongly advise that you keep booking in regular checks to be certain that you get the most value for money from your system and avoid any unnecessary repairs in the future.

If you need assistance with anything relating to geothermal HVAC systems, then please get in touch with us today. Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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