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Our team specializes in all things to do with boiler systems. While commonly referred to as furnaces, boilers are an essential part of your property. They help power your central heating system and give you hot water.

If you’re looking for professional boiler system services in Nampa, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian, Eagle - or other areas of Idaho - then Air Comfort, Inc. is your team to call.

Boiler System Installation

It’s crucial that your boiler is installed by a team of expert professionals that can call upon years of experience. Thankfully, we can handle everything for you. We can install any type of boiler system for both residential and commercial clients.

We highly recommend that you don’t attempt to install a boiler system by yourself. A lot of work goes into this, including the removal of your old boiler and the installation of a brand new one. We work with numerous brands, so no boiler is too difficult for us to install.

Boiler System Repair

Over time, it’s common for boilers to go through different issues. Different things might affect your boiler and make it work less effectively than it should. Don’t worry, we handle a variety of boiler system repairs for you.

Our team will come to your property, survey your boiler, and figure out the source of any issues. Upon doing this, they carry out repairs to keep your boiler in the best condition and prevent any future problems from arising.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairs

We advise that you seek out boiler repairs as soon as you notice any potential issues. The earlier we react to a problem, the easier it is to fix. Not to mention it can save you a lot of money on future repairs and help extend its life.

Watch for these main signs your boiler needs repair:

  • Your energy bills are increasing
  • There are water leaks throughout your home
  • The boiler repeatedly makes clunking or whirring noises
  • Strange smells are emanating from the boiler
  • Your home is taking longer than usual to heat up
  • You have no hot water - or it’s taking an unreasonable amount of time to heat

If you notice any of these signs, please contact us immediately. When you leave issues for too long, it ultimately becomes impossible to fix them. As such, you’ll require our boiler installation service to replace your existing one.

Boiler System Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is critical if you want to prolong the lifespan of your system. Maintenance can help prevent repairs and ensure you keep your boiler for as long as possible. As such, you can save a lot of money just by looking after your system.

We carry out regular servicing to help maintain the health of your boiler system. Our company will send out registered gas safe engineers to check your system and make sure everything is working correctly. We conduct a range of safety tests and performance checks to see how all the different components are functioning. As part of our maintenance service, we offer repairs for any issues we spot.

If you’re looking for a boiler system service like no other, then contact us Air Comfort, Inc. We handle everything from installation to repairs - along with regular maintenance. Fill in the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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